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10 days until Christmas ‘To Do’ List

So with 9 days to go until Christmas Day, I thought I would share with you my 10 days until Christmas ‘To Do’ List.

(See..I am always late with everything…)

Does this list resemble yours? More importantly, have I missed anything out? Is there any thing I can remove?!

Why does so much of the list involve buying stuff!?

  1. Wrap pre-school child’s ‘Secret Santa’ gift and deposit ‘secretly’ at pre-school by tomorrow
  2. Return pre-school Christmas Party raffle ticket money by tomorrow
  3. Book online Christmas food delivery (yes, I know, I am too late for this one really. I didn’t stay up until midnight when the slots were released. Naughty Wife)
  4. Buy wrapping paper for Husband, Girls and different stuff from Father Christmas
  5. Panic
  6. Drink Tea
  7. Buy cellotape (other brands are available)
  8. Buy chocolate coins (I may also be too late for this, disturbing lack of coins in local ‘One-Stop’ this week…)
  9. Buy Terry’s chocolate oranges (for stockings and most of my dinners for the next week)
  10. Buy and wrap present for relatives I am seeing at the weekend (who haven’t bought me a gift since I was 18 which is fine, but then rocked up last year at my parents with a gift for me and I had nothing for them! This involved stealing a bottle of wine and some curly ribbon from my parents and pretending I had it all along #awkward)
  11. 20th – deposit girls at my parents for a few days who are providing very gratefully received childcare while I continue work #shamefulfistpump
  12. Buy mince pies, mulled wine and other such nibbles ready for ‘The Motherhood’ coming over on the 21st (You know who you are ladies)
  13. Panic and eat the chocolate coins
  14. 23rd – pick up ordered meat from Sainsburys in our designated 2 hour time slot #seriousface
  15. Wrap all presents
  16. Write and post cards for our neighbours
  17. Do a stressful, sweaty, late night Christmas food shop after failing to secure an online delivery
  18. 24th – await welcome return of girls
  19. Dust off sherry
  20. Drink whole bottle of said sherry

Thank you if you have made it this far. I am now off to check out delivery slots…

2 thoughts on “10 days until Christmas ‘To Do’ List

  1. Your list is very simliar to mine except I don’t have the luxury of my boys being away! Hubby mentioned about booking a slot for Christmas delivery at the weekend and I laughed in his face!!! LOL

    We will also be dashing around doing a late night Christmas food shop next week!

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