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The chocolate coin review


The Dream

Me: Hmmmm I think I will do a little lighthearted informal review of chocolate coins, seeing as how I like chocolate, and its ‘that’ time of year. The girls can taste-test them and we can do a little chart and it will be ‘funny’…

The Reality

I pick the girls up from school and aim to hit 3 of the well known local supermarkets. We arrive at the first one every little helps

I tell the girls what we are doing fail and battle through sweaty Christmas shoppers to the confectionary aisle. We collect 1st bag of coins. I make a swift exit.

We return to car. It’s now dark. As we get into car I smell something that resembles manure and a small voice pipes up…

Mummy I need the toilet

Me: Can it wait?! We still need to get more chocolate coins

Small voice: No…. more manure smell fills car

Larger Voice pipes up…

Can we eat the coins yet?

Me: No, not yet, we have to buy more coins, photograph them, lay them out on the table and taste them in order WTF was I thinking?!

Small Voice: Mummy I REALLY need the toilet…

We make a swift return home with car windows open. Small Voice goes to loo. I make tea. Mission failed.

Later that evening

Husband returns home. He had been instructed by me to buy chocolate coins, from anywhere and everywhere. He struggled. But he did return with a bag from another well known retailer David Gandy Pants.

The Review

So here is my comprehensive review of chocolate coins available to buy on the highstreet this Christmas Season not bloody likely 3 days before xmas:

They looked pretty. I ate them all. They tasted very nice. The End.

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