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Fancy-Pants Food Servings

Image from reference the We Want Plates campaign

So I have been inspired by a conversation I was having with a colleague at work today.

We are both getting fed-up with fancy-pants food servings.

You know the kind of thing I mean..burgers served on bread boards, Steaks served on slate, Chips served stacked up Jenga-styleeee so they look like there are loads but actually there are three.

When we were at Center Parcs recently, my parents got there early and had lunch at one of the restaurants there. Mum ordered a toast and pate light lunch and it came served on a bread board. There were crumbs everywhere apparently, a distressing scene.

Later on in the week we all went back to the same restaurant, and Mum ordered the same dish. However, she asked if it could come on a plate instead of a bread board. Well, the poor waitress looked like all her Christmas’s had come at once when mum asked that. Apparently she hates the bread boards, it is so hard to carry them without things falling off the sides. The servers can only carry two at a time, instead of maybe four plates, so they reduce efficiency. Both she and her team had asked management many times for plates to be used instead. a nutshell, Mum got her lunch on a normal, white, round plate. AMEN.

I, on the other hand, ordered a club sandwich with chips which, yep, you’ve guessed it,  came on a sodding piece of wood. Now, if you are a condiments queen like me, that is no good for coping with vinegar on chips and various sauces.

The next day, at Café Rouge, I ordered a coffee and pastry. My Pain au chocolat arrived in a small paper-lined wooden crate!

Quite possibly the most annoying ‘trendy’ serving I have experienced was this summer. A Pimms and Lemonade…..served in an ‘effing Jam Jar!! That was a physically-challenging meal. The steak and chips I ordered to go with it came on a slate, the three chips were stacked, and there was a large solitary mushroom teetering on the edge. It was an interesting concept, considering I had a runny béarnaise sauce to go with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a bit of variety. I am happy with different coloured plates or different shaped plates. I know, I know..Rock and Roll. But I want the only reason for my food to fall on my lap to be because I am drunk and I missed my mouth. Not because the peas are rolling off a slab of oak or bouncing off a jam jar of diet coke!

What are your thoughts on trendy food servings?

Are you with me, or am I just getting old?!

What examples have you experienced?

Should we all blame Pinterest?!

In trying to find a suitable picture to sum up my feelings on this matter, I stumbled across the We Want Plates campaign. Do visit for a further giggle at ridiculous food servings.

One thought on “Fancy-Pants Food Servings

  1. Whilst I do agree with much of what you have said I have to admit I do enjoy being served chips in a mini bucket. A large builders bucket would be better, or a nosebag but a mini bucket is quite tolerable.

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