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Birthday gifts for the girl who will be six


So my hubby and I are finding it very fecking difficult to think of birthday gift ideas for our soon-to-be six year old, L.

Firstly, when she turns 6, she will actually be 16 (well, if current mood swings and attitude are anything to go by..)

Secondly, she doesn’t really play with toys. This makes it hard. She doesn’t play with Lego, or Playmobil, or any of the ‘typical’ toys one might buy for a girl her age. We asked her to have a look through the Argos catalogue sorry, not sorryย and circle the items she would like. She circled some clothes (yes, they seem to sell clothes now..), a My Little Pony handbag (she already has 3,000..), a karaoke machine priced at ยฃ99.00 and a 12ft outdoor swimming pool. Hmmmmmm.

So we have so far come up with some ideas based on what she has asked for and what we think she will like. I am worried that it is all a bit too grown up. Please note, not all of these would be purchased!!

  1. Some new trainers (her request..they must be pink, blue, purple and red!)
  2. A girly shopping trip with Mum to choose some new clothes
  3. Small make-up kit (her request and who can blame her, she watches me put some on every day)
  4. A small MP3 player (she loves music and singing)
  5. A onesie (her request and she does need some jammies)
  6. Lego Friends Private Jet or Hair Salon (I WILL get her to like Lego if it kills me!)
  7. A Google Play voucher so she can choose a film or some games for her Hudl Tablet
  8. Some new books (really not sure which, any ideas gratefully received!)

We are thinking seriously about the karaoke machine, but not one as expensive as the one above, and maybe more as a joint gift for the girls one Christmas in the future.

When you have two girls who are two years apart a lot of the gifts they get end up being shared with each other. So that is another consideration. In the last month or so, she has showed signs of wanting to do more things apart from little sister. So we want to try and respect this new maturity.

If I had my way, she would also receive puzzles and games, but she just doesn’t play with them. We have some lovely bits in their room, unused. I won’t move them on though just in case something changes!

So any ideas peeps?

What did you give your 6 year old for her birthday?

And any opinions on our current ideas?ย 

Can you recommend any quirky websites with unusual gifts for kids?


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7 thoughts on “Birthday gifts for the girl who will be six

  1. My vote is for the shopping trip! I was actually one of those six year olds that didn’t play with the usual toys (about a million years ago). I do remember treasuring our mom-daughter shopping outings – I always felt like they were a big part of the reason I grew up to find my mother was my best friend. She used to let me pick outfits for her to try on and then we’d do a girls lunch and it was the best fun.

  2. I agree that the shopping trip sounds lovely – it’s special time with you, and she can pick what she wants for herself (well, within reason… I’ve seen photos of clothes I’d chosen for myself at 6! lol) x #KCACOLS

  3. Some great ideas there, especially the shopping trip. My daughter loves anything and everything so I have the opposite problem! What about a build a bear gift card if you have one local (or online) I got my daughter one a few years back and when we went birthday shopping she was so excited that she could have a bear too #KCACOLS

  4. My daughter will be 6 soon so I need to start thinking about present ideas too. She has already mentioned a few things like a new bike. She hasn’t had a new bike yet just a second hand one that her grandparents gave her and that they keep at their house. So she is exciting about that. She loves Peppa Pigs toys, love singing and dressing up and putting make up on. I was thinking about a modern microphone stand. The shopping trip is also something that we should do as she will definitely love it. She needs some new shoes. Lego Friends are always good to have. I was thinking to take her to the cinema with a group of friends for her actual birthday celebration and maybe go to Burger King after. I guess any 6 yo will love that! Hope this is helpful. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. I would love to see you again on Sunday! ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  5. Ahh she sounds so much more grown up than E! Big difference between boys and girls I think! I bet you would both love the girly shopping trip together. Be a lovely excuse to spoil yourselves!

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