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My Top Five Dashing Heroes

So I have been unable to think of a serious-type post for my #OurFaveFive linky post this month hosted by Suburban Mum.

So I though..sod it..I am going to pay homage to men on horses brandishing sharp things. In recognition of War and Peace which I am finding most enjoyable January TV viewing and made it into my top ten over at A Cornish Mum’s Ten Things Linky .

So without further ado *drum roll*

1. Viggo Mortensen as The Ultimate Man on a Horse, Aragorn from Lord of The Rings. Sweaty, hairy, slightly magical, carries lots of sharp things. Just how I like it. He does lose some points for the weird singing in the last film but I will let him off…



2. Kit Harrington as John Snow from Game of Thrones. *sigh*. He could guard my big wall any day..

You know nothing, Jon Snow


3. Eric Bana as Hector in Troy. Shirtless, sweaty, princely and a good man who loves his wife and child. Shame on Orlando Bloom for putting him in danger…for that reason alone he is not in my top 5 hmmm Legolas though…



4. Richard Madden as Kit the Prince in Cinderella and Rob Stark in Game of Thrones. Those blue eyes in Cinderella are just amazing. My girls are getting a bit sick of watching that film…Admitedly he doesn’t brandish much sharp stuff in Cinderella but makes up for that in Game of Thrones..



5. Henry Cavill as Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk in The Tudors TV series. Brooding, a bit of a lad, downright naughty and later became superman. As a History Graduate I am well aware The Tudors was a quite ridiculous series. But I don’t care. It was bloody enjoyable to watch..

Don’t get too close to that candle, Charles


To be honest, I could carry on and on. And obviously my ultimate hero is my husband. He is dark and hairy but alas, cannot ride a horse and doesn’t particularly like dressing up in period costumes. Believe me, I have tried…

But he does make a very good cup of tea and is quite good brandishing a Nerf Gun…

Who do you quite like viewing on tele?

Does a man on a horse do it for you?!


5 thoughts on “My Top Five Dashing Heroes

  1. Ahhhh!!!! I definitely enjoyed that post – what’s not to love?!? I feel your pain having a tall, dark, hairy handsome man that won’t wear a period costume or ride a horse – useless ha! Great fun xx

  2. Some fab choices here Kathy – Viggo would be my number 1 too. I loved him in LOTR!! Thank you for linking up to #OurFaveFive I hope to see you back next week when the linky opens for February! x

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