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6 year old’s party – Top Tips

So I want to be all helpful and that and spread some useful knowledge to help you plan a birthday party for your six insert age year old girl. Me and the hubby took seven girls bowling and then to a local eatery for lunch. We also dropped the girls back home afterwards. We left… Continue reading 6 year old’s party – Top Tips

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Valentine’s Day, before the shops stole it

I was asked to write a post about Valentine’s Day, by a friend who feels similarly to me, because we are both quite cynical about the day, and the novelty wore off for us after working together in retail. I believe the day has turned more into an over-hyped commercialised event, causing people (mainly women… Continue reading Valentine’s Day, before the shops stole it

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What weekends are for..

We had a really nice weekend. Very simple but just perfect. Although I should point out I don’t include the Saturday morning kids clubs runs in that. What a sweaty, stressy palaver that is… So after we were back from various clubs, we were off up to stay with our friends in Surrey, Maria over… Continue reading What weekends are for..

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My Social Media Addiction

I have a social media addiction. I am pretty sure of it, and probably my friends and family would agree. And I am also pretty sure I am one of thousands.. Since I joined up to Facebook in 2007 and later upgraded to my first smartphone, there has been no looking back for me. And… Continue reading My Social Media Addiction

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Spa Break Review – The Spread Eagle, Midhurst

I have just come back from a very nice overnight spa break we booked to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I haven’t been asked to review it, but it was fab and I wanted to give a little shout out to support a local business. The Spread Eagle Hotel & Spa is a very established venue located in… Continue reading Spa Break Review – The Spread Eagle, Midhurst