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What weekends are for..

We had a really nice weekend. Very simple but just perfect. Although I should point out I don’t include the Saturday morning kids clubs runs in that. What a sweaty, stressy palaver that is…

So after we were back from various clubs, we were off up to stay with our friends in Surrey, Maria over at Suburban Mum and her family, to celebrate their son’s birthday and just generally have a nice little catch up. Quite a lot of the time I am very rubbish about remaining cool, calm and collected trying to get ready to take such a trip, especially when we have to take bedding, remember birthday presents and keep a tray of cupcakes upright and edible. However, I did some packing the night before, said ‘Meh’ about the rest of the list and off we went 1 hour late.

I have had a bit of trouble with my back this last week. And seems at its worst when I am sitting upright. So I either have to lie on my back or lie on my front, so basically just lie down in any way possible, and of course I absolutely cannot do any housework…

So in the car it was quite painful and I looked a bit of a t**t with my seat wound back onto my daughter’s lap. She coped with it in true British style by not saying anything, but ‘tutting’ loudly and shaking her head.

Once at our friend’s house, I felt better by moving around a bit and taking part in Musical Statues. The amazing shapes I was busting helped loosen me up a bit, in more ways than one *thinks nostalgically about my pre-kids pelvic floor*. Then I was offered some Co-Codamol. I accepted these without thinking and AFTER I had swallowed them decided to check if they were OK to take alongside my anti-depressants. Which they weren’t. Oops. And then my arms started to go tingly, and I slid off my seat a bit, started dribbling and talking a lot of nonsense. But the pain did go away. And I had a VERY good night’s sleep. Obviously what I did was silly and I won’t be doing that again without speaking to the doctor.

All four children had a sleepover in the same room and took a little while to get to sleep, but once they did they were great and slept well. The men-folk had some beers and did some gaming. Maria and her hubby are great hosts and we always have a fun time.

The next day, the sun was shining and Maria suggested we go to the Claremont Landscape Gardens outside Esher, a National Trust site. Well, it was fab. We have been once before with some other friends so were very happy to go again to let the kids run around. And run around they did. It was just so nice after a soggy winter, to get out in the fresh air. Seeing signs of spring arriving lifted my soul. The weather was cold and windy, but the kids were happy with lots of grass, sticks, trees, fallen leaves and the wooden playground at the end.

We drove home on Sunday feeling tired, but relaxed and finished off the day with a fab spag bol and pancakes spread with melted chocolate. Perfect.

Roll on Spring!

What makes your perfect weekend? 

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