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First Beach Trip of 2016

I LOVE the beach, any beach.. I haven’t been to nearly enough beaches in my lifetime. I like pebble beaches, sandy beaches, shingle beaches and ‘off the beaten track’ beaches. I find the sound of the sea, come rain or shine, to be so wonderfully therapeutic. I find the drama of an ever-changing coastline so… Continue reading First Beach Trip of 2016

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What’s in your bag? Mums, Kids & Car Journeys

It is only a couple of weeks until the Hopes, Dreams and Chocolate household departs for its Devon holiday. Mrs Hopes, Dreams and Chocolate is now starting to think panic about what to pack. This year I am going to try and put together a bag each for the girls, to *try* and keep them amused for the… Continue reading What’s in your bag? Mums, Kids & Car Journeys

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Holiday Hopes and Dreams

This winter really feels like it is dragging. Normally by now we would have at least one of our storage heaters turned off (central heating is both a hope and a dream for me). During Easter last year, we were in swimming costumes on the beach in Devon. I think this Easter holiday we will… Continue reading Holiday Hopes and Dreams

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My Lent Challenge – Week 3 Roundup

End of week 3…and… *drum roll* I lost 3 pounds! (and NOT down the back of the sofa). Weight was 12 stone on Wednesday morning. Last week I weighed 12 stone 3lbs. Thank goodness for that. And the other big change this week is that I am thinking less and less about chocolate, and donuts,… Continue reading My Lent Challenge – Week 3 Roundup

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A Mother’s Love

What does a Mother’s love feel like? It most probably feels different for every Mother out there. I could ask all my friends that question and they would answer differently. I felt something during half-term week that I have never felt before, since becoming a mum six years ago. Let me try and explain… It… Continue reading A Mother’s Love