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First Beach Trip of 2016

West Wittering, Easthead
West Wittering, Easthead

I LOVE the beach, any beach..

I haven’t been to nearly enough beaches in my lifetime.

I like pebble beaches, sandy beaches, shingle beaches and ‘off the beaten track’ beaches.

I find the sound of the sea, come rain or shine, to be so wonderfully therapeutic.

I find the drama of an ever-changing coastline so interesting and I can lose myself in the view.

West Wittering, West Sussex

I feel like my soul is lifted when I am on a beach or looking out to sea. I am relaxed by the feeling of space and freedom around me.

This all probably sounds very over the top, but it is truly how I feel about the coast. I never knew the effect the sea had on me until I moved to West Sussex. Before then, I had been a home-counties gal, living near to the Thames. And looking back, I always liked being by the river, walking along it, listening to it’s sounds and watching it’s movements.

West Wittering, Easthead

It wasn’t until I had my family, and had struggles with my mental health, that I began to truly appreciate the coast near me. I think because when I am there, I feel I can escape from day-to-day life for a short space of time. I can just be still for a moment. I love seeing the happy faces of my girls, and watching dogs bound through the sand without a care in the world. Those sights lift my spirits and swell my heart.

West Wittering, Easthead

So it was with such excitement that me and the girls managed to get to the beach after school recently. The day was perfect; freezing, but sunny. We went straight from school to meet another family for a play-date and dog walk. We drove right to the end of the long car park, and got changed in the car. The sun was starting to set, but was still so bright and the sky so blue. I took my camera and had a rare chance to snap away while the girls ran off along the sand.

The sand dunes kept some of the cold wind at bay, and by the end of the walk, the girls had coats off, wellies off, leggings rolled up and were walking barefoot in the sand. There were few people about, mainly dog-walkers. It was just a huge stretch of sandy beach, hazy blue sky and the sound of happy happy children.

The girls slept well that night, and so did I.

West Wittering, Easthead
West Wittering, Easthead

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4 thoughts on “First Beach Trip of 2016

  1. I can so relate to this!! I often use to walk along the coast to blow the cobwebs away and when I was at uni and needed some time out from studying I would always head to the beach :). Sound like a great after school treat. Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again this week x

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