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Our Devon Holiday – The Simple Things

We were lucky enough to have a week’s holiday in North Devon during the second week of the Easter holidays and we had a brilliant time.

We booked a self-catering cottage with our close friends and their two boys, which was ideally located just outside Barnstaple.

The weather wasn’t great, but the on-site swimming pool was a hit with the kids.

I am looking back on the week, and browsing through the pictures I took, and wondering what the highlights were for our family.

And three words keep cropping up – The Simple Things

What I think our girls enjoyed the most wasn’t the theme park, or the aquarium, or the tank museum or honey farm.

I think it was playing with their friends in the swimming pool. It was the excitement in their voices each morning when they woke up and ran into each other’s bedrooms to play. It was the fun they had eating dinners around the cottage coffee table, carpet picnic styleee. It was eating cornettos for dessert and laughing at each other’s milk goatees. It was staying up late, and taking it in turns to sleep on the top bunk.

I think a lot of us feel that we have to do ‘things’ with our children all of the time to entertain them; that there must be a plan for the day, an outing arranged, tickets booked for a place to visit. Every day of the holiday, pretty much the first thing our girls asked us was when we were going to the swimming pool and when could they have an ice-cream! The stuff we planned in-between they could take or leave, as long as it meant they could play with their friends.

And what about us adults? What did I enjoy the most?

It was spending quality time catching up with our friends, drinking Rioja after a home-cooked dinner, the wives beating the drunk husbands at Articulate (*high fives Suburban Mum*), having a lie-in whilst listening to our girls playing, drinking tea whilst adult colouring, relaxing on the beach watching the girls run from the waves.



Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the day trips and the places we visited. But it was getting the chance to reacquaint with The Simple Things which I really appreciated.

Ilfracombe, North Devon
Ilfracombe, North Devon


4 thoughts on “Our Devon Holiday – The Simple Things

  1. Love this! And totally agree. When I think back on travelling, the things that make me smile the most are usually the silly in-jokes we shared and enjoying a nice coffee or glass of wine together somewhere new, letting the world drift by.

    Your week away sounds idyllic – who needs good weather!?

  2. Ah thanks for reading and commenting Jodea 🙂 You are right, who needs bad weather! We didn’t thank goodness. Your travelling experiences must have been amazing?!

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