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My Long Liebster Award!

Leibster Award


I was very touched to be nominated by three fab bloggers for the Liebster Award. I am so very grateful for these tags, and feel so supported by the blogging community as I stumble along finding my feet as a new blogger.

My first tag was from the lovely Breakfast Club Mum. As a fellow working mum, I can relate to many of her thoughts and experiences. I really enjoyed her post about disgusting things us parents do. We have all been there!

My second tag was from Tilly over at Mummy Rules. Tilly has only been blogging since January this year. I am impressed with how she manages it with a newborn and toddler! I LOL’d at her recent post regarding her supermarket trip.

And my third tag was from Olive at the brilliant Petite Olive. If you love chocolate like me, check out her recipe for creme-egg cupcakes. Irresistible!

Please, please check out these ladies’ blogs and show them some love.

The Liebster Award is given from one blogger to another to find out more about new blogs and the people behind them. And the rules are:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their blog in your post.
  2. Show the award on your blog or in your post.
  3. Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
  4. Write 11 random facts about yourself.
  5. Nominate new bloggers, typically with less than 1000 followers..
  6. Create a list of new questions for your nominees to answer.
  7. Once your blog is published, let your nominees know that they have been nominated and link them to your post for more details.

Here are my answers to Breakfast Club Mum’s answers:

  1. How would you sum up your blog in fewer than 10 words? Parenting, Lifestyle, Chocolate and Tea, and some therapy for me.
  2. How do you come up with blogging ideas? It varies. I have been inspired by conversations with friends or colleagues, things I have seen on social media, the news, or just randomness in my head. I have a lot of ideas for future posts, just need to find the time to write them!
  3. Who is your secret celebrity crush? Jamie Dornan. Sorry. I know his acting isn’t the best, but he is just. So. Beautiful.
  4. What has surprised you the most about the blogging world? The support of the community. Literally everyone I have had contact with has been just lovely. And also how fast-paced the blogging world moves, especially on Twitter..I struggle to engage as much as I would truly like.
  5. What really annoys you? Drivers who don’t indicate or pull out on you at roundabouts. Gives me the proper, stabby-type rage.
  6. What was the last purchase you made? The Good Dinosaur DVD for the kids. My girls were in tears!
  7. What is your favourite joke? I am a bit retro when it comes to comedy; my favourite joke is actually a sketch. It is the famous ‘Fork Handles/Four Candles’ sketch by The Two Ronnies. Tickles me every time. So sad about Ronnie’s recent passing.
  8. You’ve just won the lottery. What do you do next? I go to work as normal and hand my notice in and work out the notice period. I couldn’t leave my team in the lurch.
  9. Which superhero would you be, and why? Tricky one. I would be Chocolate Girl. With an uncanny ability to eat infinite amounts of chocolate, and never put on weight!
  10. How would your friend’s describe you in three words? This is REALLY hard. I am going to go with: Helpful, Caring, Worrier!
  11. What’s your weirdest obsession? My husband helped with this.  He thinks it is my obsession with keeping puzzles, games, lego etc. all together. I regularly go through the toys to make sure all the pieces are in the boxes. Lego sets are kept in Tupperware boxes with the instructions. If we lose a piece of puzzle, or part of a toy, I feel uncomfortable and on edge. Sad to admit, but he is spot on.

Here are my answers to Tilly’s questions:

  1. What was the inspiration behind starting your blog? I was inspired by my friend who runs a blog *waves at Suburban Mum*. Through speaking to her about her experiences, and also receiving comments from friends that I should think about blogging, I decided to take the plunge in December to write my experiences of dealing with low mood, and my take on parenting and daily life.
  2. What do your friends and family think of your blogging? A lot of my friends have been brilliant and messaged me with lovely comments, and supported my social media pages. Other friends haven’t mentioned it at all, either on-line or in person, which is fine. I haven’t started conversations about it, unless asked first and don’t want to force it on people. My parents don’t know about my blog yet. They aren’t involved with social media at all. My brother has been supportive.
  3. If you could go on holiday anywhere, where would you go? At the moment I am desperate to visit the Island of Santorini in Greece…without the children!
  4. Would you rather eat a slice of cake, or a bar of chocolate? Er, Um..a bar of chocolate. Every time.
  5. What is your favourite home-cooked meal? I loves a good spag bol, I do.
  6. Would you rather do a bungee jump, or run a marathon? Bungee Jump for me. Running a marathon is my idea of hell.
  7. What would your perfect date involve? A nice view in a hot country, with a bottle of rioja, a medium-rare steak, good music, and my husband’s company *cringe*
  8. If you were going on a night out with friends tomorrow, what would you wear from your current wardrobe? Most of my wardrobe is so casual! I would wear skinny jeans, a black vest top, my black biker jacket and my grey heeled ankle boots.
  9. Do you prefer dogs or cats? Dogs all the way for me.
  10. If you had a whole day to yourself, what would you do? I had a day like this recently. I had grand plans. I ended up staying in bed until 1pm watching daytime TV and drinking tea and eating toast dripping in butter. It was a great day..I haven’t watched Homes under the Hammer in ages!
  11. What are your plans for your blog in the future? I am just taking each day as it comes. Blogging seems to be a very fast moving business, and as much as I want to be involved, I also have to be careful not to stress myself out by worrying about keeping up! I struggled to make time for writing in March, and am hoping to post and interact more in April. But I am trying not to put too much pressure on myself.

And last, but by no means least, here are my answers to Olive’s questions:

  1. What made you start blogging? I had been following my friend’s blog for some time and hearing about her experiences and a few friends commented that they found my posts on facebook amusing.  I spend a lot of time on social media so I thought I would put the time to better use and have a go at writing about my experiences dealing with low mood and daily parenting life.
  2. What’s your favourite TV series? This is a tough one! Game of Thrones, closely followed by Call the Midwife and Friends will always be my ultimate comfort viewing.
  3. What’s your favourite restaurant? Some local love for this answer: Smith and Western in Chichester. A Cowboy and Indian themed restaurant, family friendly, serves an American/Mexican menu, cocktails and plays the best cheesy country and western music. Always has a great atmosphere and the girls love it.
  4. What’s your biggest fear? Being anxious and a worrier, I have many. But one I can’t shake off –  I am scared of my girls being bullied or being bullies themselves at school.
  5. Who are you the biggest fan of? I currently cannot get enough of Sia. I love her music and listen to it all the time. I love her own albums and her collaborations on singles. I don’t stalk her though…
  6. Do you have any hobbies? No, not really. Social Media monitoring and drinking tea are the closest things to hobbies I have. I procrastinate too much to stick at anything!
  7. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? I consider myself lucky to love where I live in West Sussex. If I was forced to choose somewhere else, I think the Scottish Highlands and Coastline are beyond beautiful, and I would love the feeling of space. My brother lives in Edinburgh, so I would be closer to him too.
  8. Baths or showers? Showers, but a good strong one..not a pathetic trickle.
  9. Are you a morning or evening person? Neither! Mid-morning is when I peak!
  10. What is the first thing you do when you wake up? In my head I say ‘here we go again’ as I head downstairs to make a cup of tea!
  11. Righty or Lefty? Lefty! Or ‘cack-handed’ as my Grandad (Gawd rest his soul) used to call me.

And if you have made it this far! Here are 11 random facts about me (I found this really difficult!):

  1. I was born breech naturally (and my brother too 3 years later). My poor Mum…
  2. I had my second girl at home, on the toilet!
  3. I lived in Oklahoma between the ages of 3 and 6
  4. I didn’t have a curry until I met my husband in 2001
  5. My fear of flying only started after the 9/11 Twin Towers attack
  6. My favourite topping on a jacket potato is Coronation Chicken and Piccalilli, at the same time.
  7. The most unusual place I have visited is Oman – a truly beautiful country.
  8. I think I am having a mid-life crisis. I am desperate to travel around Europe for a year in a camper van
  9. I haven’t told my parents about my blog – I am scared they will disapprove. And yes, I am 38 this year.
  10. I really miss my belly-button piercing – I took it out when pregnant. I am now 2 (3) stone heavier so would never put it back in again.
  11. I think I want a third child..but we won’t be extending our family. The broodiness hurts.

And if you haven’t lost the will to live..I nominate the following bloggers to answer the questions below and spread more Liebster love:

Eva over at Captain Bobcat Twitter: @evakatona

Ky over at Clementine Rocks Twitter: @Clem_Rocks

Mark over at Lad Baby Twitter: @LadBabyOfficial

  1. What is your earliest memory?
  2. What is your favourite tipple?
  3. Tea or coffee?
  4. What do you enjoy most about blogging?
  5. What do you enjoy the least about blogging?
  6. Name three things you hope to have achieved by your retirement?
  7. What is your proudest moment as a parent so far?
  8. What can always guarantee to make you laugh?
  9. Do you have a phobia?
  10. Green rolling hills, or the Coast. Which would you choose and why?
  11. Which of your blog posts has been your favourite, and why?

3 thoughts on “My Long Liebster Award!

  1. Well done for answering all those questions!! Wow to your second girl’s birth!!! Also with the best intentions I would also totally spend my day off like that. Toast in bed til 1pm sounds perfect Great reading!

  2. Very much agree with Friends as comfort viewing, it’s the default for us after a long day of puppy-wrangling!

    I’d love to go around Europe in a camper, including the UK. That’s the retirement dream for us! We had a taste of it for three weeks in New Zealand and absolutely loved it. It’s the perfect combination of having all your things in one place (so no constant packing and unpacking), everything organised and getting to go wherever you fancy each day.

Would love to read your thoughts!