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When Doves Cry…

*Warning: Slightly emotional post alert. Suggest making a brew before reading..*

I have so many posts to get finished, and I am sitting here tonight writing about something completely unplanned.

I am writing about the loss of another Legend, which has hit me hard in a way I did not expect.

No one can deny that 2016 has been tough for the loss of much-loved personalities, celebrities, musicians, many of whom have been taken prematurely, before their time if you will. But tonight, the news about Prince dying has hit me hard.

Each time I have heard about the latest passing, I feel sad. Not because I knew the person (of course I didn’t) but I am sad for the reminder of the ‘Good Old Days’ that have gone.

For a nostalgic person like me, who struggles with change and looking ahead to the future, these losses are tough because they emphasise to me that there is no going back, that these times have gone.

I really loved Prince and his music. I never saw him in concert, or followed him on Twitter (was he on Twitter?!), I couldn’t tell you what his last single was, or when it was released. However, his music stirs up so many memories. Music is very important to me. It is my therapy for many things. I love many different types of music and my music library is so precious.

Music solidifies and colours my memories and cheers me up when I feel down.

When I saw the news this afternoon on Facebook I was shocked, as a lot of us would be. But I then started feeling so sad, and I immediately thought back to my days at school, and listening to his tracks in friend’s bedrooms after school. Those times are now gone, and it won’t be long until it is my girls’ turn to create their own memories in similar situations. And this fact makes me feel old, and I don’t like it.

I feel unsettled. And anxious. And I am sat here wondering who will be next, which is an AWFUL way to think. I am internally trying to fight this negative way of thinking.

So I am going to do what I do best..make a nice cup of tea and put on some music. I have already been listening to Prince, bless him (I urge you to listen to his track ‘7’ which has hit the spot for me tonight!). Now I am going to move on to the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack (inspired by some lovely ladies on facebook), and then maybe some Michael Jackson (Off the Wall I think)..

Stay Safe people. Remember the good times that have passed, whilst creating new memories for the future…

And play some music…preferably from the 60’s, 70’s 80’s or 90’s. They just DON’T make them like they used too..



A Cornish Mum

8 thoughts on “When Doves Cry…

  1. I agree it has been an awful start to the year and feel shocked too by news of Prince. Saw him in concert @ O2 and he was fab. It’s a purple rain day for me.

  2. I was shocked when I woke to the news this morning. Princes music always reminds me of my older brother, but him when I was young. He would play ‘Cream’ and ‘Little Red Corvette’ constantly. Its such a tragedy, and although I was never a huge fan, his impact on the music scene was far greater than we could imagine. Thanks for sharing #PicknMix

    1. Thanks for reading. I felt the same about David Bowie. His music did nothing for me, but I appreciate the impact he had on others, and the music industry. Such a bad year for losing true talent x

    1. Thanks for reading xx It has been such a bad year for losing absolute legends. I dread reading the news each morning!!

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