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Man-flu – a tragic tale

A terrible thing has happened this week in the Hopes, Dreams and Chocolate household. Mum has contracted man-flu. Not a bad cold, but proper, full-blown man-flu. Now before you all rush to the house with casseroles and medicine and flowers, do not fear, as Mum is being looked after by Mr HDC. Or rather, Mr… Continue reading Man-flu – a tragic tale

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Mother Bear and her cubs

I posted a couple of months ago about my struggles with my natural mothering instincts: A Mother’s Love In the post I described feeling a bit like a Mother Bear. This week I had another Mother Bear moment. Let me explain… I am a bit of a weakling when it comes to confrontation and sticking up for… Continue reading Mother Bear and her cubs

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The shape of my fear

It is my understanding that very often people with depression, low mood, anxiety or all of the above, can visualise what it looks like to them. A black dog, a dark cloud, a constant shadow.. For me, the ‘shape’ that I dread making an appearance varies. Sometimes it is a huge blanket which smothers me… Continue reading The shape of my fear