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Man-flu – a tragic tale

A terrible thing has happened this week in the Hopes, Dreams and Chocolate household. Mum has contracted man-flu. Not a bad cold, but proper, full-blown man-flu.

Now before you all rush to the house with casseroles and medicine and flowers, do not fear, as Mum is being looked after by Mr HDC. Or rather, Mr HDC is looking after the rest of the household while Mum recovers from her ailment. Oh and what a terrible ailment it is. There are no cups of tea strong enough or chocolate bars tasty enough to alleviate the horrendous-ness of the situation.

And now comes an apology. An apology to all other Mums out there who deal with their bad colds with dignity, and strength. An apology to those who can summon the energy to continue working efficiently and respond to their children with joyfulness in their voices. An apology to women-folk who are able to not feed the household on Happy Meals for the duration and to generally have the skill to put all others first before themselves despite feeling POOP.

I am sorry for letting the side down.

I am absolutely hopeless when I have a cold, pathetic even. I grump and snuffle and whinge and splutter my way through the whole process. I give up on life temporarily. I lie on the sofa with a blanket over me and text my husband to bring MacDonalds home for the kids because I am too illĀ can’t be arsed to cook. I hunch over like an old woman at my desk at work; people take a different route to their office by going via a different building to stay away from the Grumpuss that is me with a cold. I hate everything about it. and when I get a cold it usually goes up into my sinuses so I get the horrible headaches every time I move my head. All I can focus on is how I feel and I struggle to ‘rise above it.’

Mr HDC, on the other hand, deals with a cold amazingly. He cracks on with life. He brushes the symptoms away like he’s swatting a fly. He leaps about as normal, and puts me to shame. And he dreads it if I become ill. He will literally weep silently in a corner at the first sign of me making a Lemsip (or the first time I ask HIM to make me a Lemsip as obvs I am too ill to do it myself….)

The roles are very much reversed in our house.

So when I read funny anecdotes on Social Media about menfolk and their failure to cope with illness, I laugh out loud with the rest of you, but inside I am ASHAMED. I am sickened to the core that I stand alongside those menfolk. I DO get man-flu and it is HORRIBLE. It has been my dirty little secret for some time, but blogging provides me with the perfect platform to be able to confess.

Hello everyone, my name is Kathy. I am a woman, but I suffer with Man-Flu.

Thank you for reading, and Ladies, I am so sorry. xxxx


Since publishing this post, things have taken a turn for the worse. Mrs HDC has started taking Lemsip Max, instead of the normal one, and the tissues have been upgraded to the posh ones with balm on them. Please pray for us tonight…

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

5 thoughts on “Man-flu – a tragic tale

  1. I had THE most revolting cold recently, I hope you don’t have that one. I was ill for like 10 days!! I am a trooper though and suffer on. Him Indoors is always on at me to have lemsips but I never feel any different for them! Thank you for linking with #KCACOLS and hope to see you again next week.

  2. Lol love it, good for you being able to confess. My thoughts go out to you all, may your suffering not last and the time when you can function again be just around the corner:) xxx



  3. Being sick and having to look after kids is the absolute pits so if you can find any small way to relax grab it with both hands and run as far as you can away from them. No one can blame you! rest up lovely!
    PS I love using the word ‘grumpuss’.

  4. I had a terrible cold/flu recently and we went with pizza and waffles to survive on. My Hubby caostly hold his own if I am down, but I rarely go completely down. #KCACOLS

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