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Things I start but can’t damn well finish!

So I sit here tonight, drinking a nice cup of tea, and trying to get some sort of enthusiasm together to finish a very exciting exceedingly dull distance learning course I am completing through my job. Subject: Customer Service. With my background in Retail Management this should be a walk in the park right?! I chose… Continue reading Things I start but can’t damn well finish!

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Fancy-Pants Food Servings

So I have been inspired by a conversation I was having with a colleague at work today. We are both getting fed-up with fancy-pants food servings. You know the kind of thing I mean..burgers served on bread boards, Steaks served on slate, Chips served stacked up Jenga-styleeee so they look like there are loads but… Continue reading Fancy-Pants Food Servings

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My Favourite Five – December

So welcome to my first go at a linky, hosted by my good friend Suburban Mum.. So my favourite random five things from December were…. 1. Our family holiday at Center Parcs Elvedon Forest We were lucky enough to stay for a 5 night break for the second week of the holidays. We shared a Woodland… Continue reading My Favourite Five – December

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A poem to the People who sell David Gandy Pants

To the people who sell the David Gandy Pants, I would like to have a tiny rant. My Click and Collect order will be late, which makes me a bit irate So on this 23rd day of December, I become a Sweaty Christmas Shopper Bender by running round the shops, to buy the things I… Continue reading A poem to the People who sell David Gandy Pants

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The chocolate coin review

The Dream Me: Hmmmm I think I will do a little lighthearted informal review of chocolate coins, seeing as how I like chocolate, and its ‘that’ time of year. The girls can taste-test them and we can do a little chart and it will be ‘funny’… The Reality I pick the girls up from school… Continue reading The chocolate coin review

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A poem about fancy dress

  Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Dear Fancy Dress… F**k You

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10 days until Christmas ‘To Do’ List

So with 9 days to go until Christmas Day, I thought I would share with you my 10 days until Christmas ‘To Do’ List. (See..I am always late with everything…) Does this list resemble yours? More importantly, have I missed anything out? Is there any thing I can remove?! Why does so much of the list… Continue reading 10 days until Christmas ‘To Do’ List