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The Household Experiment

*Warning* Long-ish Post – it has a point at the end I promise! On Friday afternoon I removed a finished laundry load from the machine. It was a fairly ‘vital’ load, containing many pairs of pants, a Stagecoach Theatre t-shirt needed for the weekend, tights for school..those sorts of things. I placed Said Load in the… Continue reading The Household Experiment

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Things I start but can’t damn well finish!

So I sit here tonight, drinking a nice cup of tea, and trying to get some sort of enthusiasm together to finish a very exciting exceedingly dull distance learning course I am completing through my job. Subject: Customer Service. With my background in Retail Management this should be a walk in the park right?! I chose… Continue reading Things I start but can’t damn well finish!

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Fancy-Pants Food Servings

So I have been inspired by a conversation I was having with a colleague at work today. We are both getting fed-up with fancy-pants food servings. You know the kind of thing I mean..burgers served on bread boards, Steaks served on slate, Chips served stacked up Jenga-styleeee so they look like there are loads but… Continue reading Fancy-Pants Food Servings

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A reason why I should not read the paper…

I have had a bit of ‘Blogger’s Block’ if that is even a term?! Have had loads of things I want to say but can’t seem to get them down on ‘paper’ in the right way. So apologies for the silence..and I hope you are all enjoying this brand new year. Today I am going… Continue reading A reason why I should not read the paper…

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A poem to the People who sell David Gandy Pants

To the people who sell the David Gandy Pants, I would like to have a tiny rant. My Click and Collect order will be late, which makes me a bit irate So on this 23rd day of December, I become a Sweaty Christmas Shopper Bender by running round the shops, to buy the things I… Continue reading A poem to the People who sell David Gandy Pants

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The chocolate coin review

The Dream Me: Hmmmm I think I will do a little lighthearted informal review of chocolate coins, seeing as how I like chocolate, and its ‘that’ time of year. The girls can taste-test them and we can do a little chart and it will be ‘funny’… The Reality I pick the girls up from school… Continue reading The chocolate coin review

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Time away from your children: Selfish or Important?

So yesterday we dropped our girls off at their grandparents to stay for a few nights, they are back on Christmas Eve. On Sunday morning, as we were getting ready to leave, L said to me ‘Mummy, I don’t want to go, I want to stay at home with you’. Cue lots of guilty thoughts… Continue reading Time away from your children: Selfish or Important?

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I miss books…

Following on from my post yesterday about my ‘To Do’ list, I found my daughter’s own job list in her pre-school bookbag. And quite frankly, I want to swap lists. Hers looks so much easier. 😂😂 But seriously..her list is a good example of what I often ‘see’ when I try to focus on reading… Continue reading I miss books…

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10 days until Christmas ‘To Do’ List

So with 9 days to go until Christmas Day, I thought I would share with you my 10 days until Christmas ‘To Do’ List. (See..I am always late with everything…) Does this list resemble yours? More importantly, have I missed anything out? Is there any thing I can remove?! Why does so much of the list… Continue reading 10 days until Christmas ‘To Do’ List