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The shape of my fear

It is my understanding that very often people with depression, low mood, anxiety or all of the above, can visualise what it looks like to them. A black dog, a dark cloud, a constant shadow.. For me, the ‘shape’ that I dread making an appearance varies. Sometimes it is a huge blanket which smothers me… Continue reading The shape of my fear

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A Mother’s Love

What does a Mother’s love feel like? It most probably feels different for every Mother out there. I could ask all my friends that question and they would answer differently. I felt something during half-term week that I have never felt before, since becoming a mum six years ago. Let me try and explain… It… Continue reading A Mother’s Love

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My Social Media Addiction

I have a social media addiction. I am pretty sure of it, and probably my friends and family would agree. And I am also pretty sure I am one of thousands.. Since I joined up to Facebook in 2007 and later upgraded to my first smartphone, there has been no looking back for me. And… Continue reading My Social Media Addiction

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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

I have not had a good week. Last week, and indeed the last few months, have been positive. I have started blogging, I coped well with and actually enjoyed Christmas and had great time with my family and friends. Last week I was eating well and was motivated. I charged my Fitbit Flex back up… Continue reading Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

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The Household Experiment

*Warning* Long-ish Post – it has a point at the end I promise! On Friday afternoon I removed a finished laundry load from the machine. It was a fairly ‘vital’ load, containing many pairs of pants, a Stagecoach Theatre t-shirt needed for the weekend, tights for school..those sorts of things. I placed Said Load in the… Continue reading The Household Experiment