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Getting my shit together

Why Why Why can I not get my shit together?!

Another Monday morning and another five fifteen minutes late to work after I fanny about at home.

My team are very good and don’t say much but I know they must be secretly despairing. My line manager says she is understanding because I have two young children and a husband to mobilise before I leave.

But the truth is, I am late because of me. My husband hero gets the children up, washed, dressed and breakfasted and even hands them over to the childminder who picks them up (all within 45 minutes the efficient bugger).

I get up, make tea, empty dishwasher, drink tea, have a shower, drink tea, get dressed, do some tidying, wander past girls bedroom and pick some toys up, think about putting make up on but get distracted by sorting a new load of washing, put make-up on, drink tea and check Facebook. Around about 8.10am Hero Husband politely reminds me I need to leave for work. I continue to drink tea and wander downstairs thinking that all I need to do is pick up my bag, put on my coat and depart.

And then the problems start.

Where are my keys, where is my coat, oh shit the car needs defrosting, why are my keys not in my coat, where are my shoes, no not those shoes, the other ones that go with what I am wearing. Bugger, it’s bin day and I can’t get out of my road, bugger I am stuck behind a tractor and so on.

When I eventually arrive in work I feel like a school kid. My excuses this last week..

  1. My car needed oil and I spilt it all over the engine by accident so needed to rinse it off so I didn’t start a fire when I turned ignition on. (TRUE)
  2. I couldn’t find my keys. I eventually found them in a ‘shopping basket’ in my girls’ ‘shop’ in their bedroom. (TRUE)
  3. I couldn’t find my coat or keys and was about to ring the sports centre I was at on Saturday night to see if left them there. I then found the coat hanging behind my bedroom door under my dressing gown. But my keys were not in there. They were in my bag!! (TRUE)

I think it would be wrong of me to blame my mental health on this problem. I am simply just rubbish at getting to work on time.

But everyday I go to bed and vow the next day will be different…as long as you keep trying that is all that matters right?


2 thoughts on “Getting my shit together

  1. Love this! I’m lucky that I leave the house before everyone wakes up so I can’t start tidying or load washing. (this would explain why I am never on top of washing!) It takes me about 15-20 mins to get ready in the morning but even then I am still around 10-15 mins late for work – I blame the commute though! 😉

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