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A reason why I should not read the paper…

Image courtesy of Disney Pixar

I have had a bit of ‘Blogger’s Block’ if that is even a term?! Have had loads of things I want to say but can’t seem to get them down on ‘paper’ in the right way.

So apologies for the silence..and I hope you are all enjoying this brand new year.

Today I am going to describe how I am feeling using the characters from Disney Pixar’s Inside Out..

Joy was having a lie-in. She had been very busy during the Christmas and New Year Festivities and was very tired. Enjoying good food, company and booooze had taken it’s toll.

Meanwhile, Fear and Sadness had been woken up very early by Angry. He had been on the loo reading that morning’s paper Daily Mail and had read the news that North Korea had possibly set off an H-Bomb.

Fear, upon learning the news, goes into meltdown. ‘That is HDC’s worst nightmare!’ he says. ‘Remember that awful dream she had about being caught up in one and blown to a thousand pieces and how she felt it and woke up paralysed for a few moments?’ It’s actually going to happen isn’t it?!!’

Sadness starts crying. ‘What kind of world is she bringing her girls up in?’ she weeps.

Disgust is still reeling from the incident over Christmas where HDC ate a whole box of belgian seashell chocolates in under half an hour, so can’t possibly comment.

Joy, meanwhile, is still sleeping. Disgust looks on..disgusted at her laziness.

Angry is exhausted by his efforts in the loo that morning and has gone to bed for a mid-morning nap. But before doing so, he ensures HDC has a nice cup of tea.

Joy slowly wakes up and tells Fear and Sadness off. ‘You know you shouldn’t let Angry read the news Daily Mail. It sends HDC into a sweaty, frothing mess.’

An alarm goes off in Headquarters. Joy, Fear and Disgust look out the window and see HDC’s Chocolate Memory Village teetering on the edge of the memory dump.

‘Oh no’ cries Sadness ‘she hasn’t had any chocolate memories this morning!!’

Joy suddenly realises…it’s January! Creme eggs are back in the shops! Hurrah!

HDC has two lovely Creme Eggs. A joyful memory ball rolls over to Chocolate Memory Village and balance is restored. another room..Angry has woken from his nap and is waiting for the BT Openreach engineer to ring with a 1 hour timeslot to fix the telephone…

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