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My Favourite Five – December

So welcome to my first go at a linky, hosted by my good friend Suburban Mum..

So my favourite random five things from December were….

1. Our family holiday at Center Parcs Elvedon Forest

We were lucky enough to stay for a 5 night break for the second week of the holidays. We shared a Woodland Lodge with my parents and brother. We all live quite far apart from each other (Scotland, Wiltshire, West Sussex), so we had a wonderful chance to spend good quality time together. We swam, played games, ate great food, drank good wine and most importantly laughed A LOT. The girls had some fab times with their Uncle who they only see a few times each year.


2. Kiddies Christmas Shows

I was very proud of my littlest minx who did her first gymnastics Christmas display in front of nearly 200 parents. At 3.5 years old she was the youngest in her little group and she did so well. They did a wee routine to ‘Let’s get Physical’. Very cute stuff.

My elder girl, L, did really well in her theatre group performance and also her little ballet show. And she was a sheep in her school carol concert.

They are both so confident getting up on a stage in front of people and are not phased at all.  I was so proud of them both and they are a million miles more confident than I was at their age. I didn’t say Boo to a Goose until I went to Uni!

3. Awesome Yorkshire Puddings

I don’t really cook. The other half does most of the cooking and definitely does cooking for Christmas, Easter, Dinner Parties, Sunday Roasts delete as appropriate.

This year I offered to make Yorkshire Puddings. Real ones, not Aunt Bessie’s cue hysterical laughter from the husband.  I used the following recipe from the BBC Good Food website. They were amazing..and HUGE. At one point they were banging on the oven door to be let out…


4. Terry’s Chocolate Oranges

In which other month can you eat these openly and without guilt?

5. Canasta

My Dad taught me and my brother to play canasta when we were young and we played it a lot when growing up. We hadn’t played in years. This Christmas we taught my husband to play and we have been enjoying playing it in the evening. Nerdy, maybe, but beats sitting in front of the TV staring at our smartphones…


Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “My Favourite Five – December

  1. Lovely December favourites! I bet you’re very proud of your little girls, who wouldn’t be?! they have been amazingly well in the shows… I’ve not tried making homemade Yorkshire puddings before but my kids love it, so I should give it a go at some point. What one better way to celebrate the festivity is to have holidays, isn’t it? Lovely post! #OurFaveFive

  2. Fab list of favourites – love that you got to have some quality family time. The yorkshire puddings looks delish – you will have to make them when we see you next!! Thanks so much for linking up to #OurFaveFive

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