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#TenThings I have liked and loved – January 2016

A Cornish Mum

Am loving getting involved with blog linkies sorry, not sorry and one that gives you the opportunity to think back positively on your month get’s a Thumbs Up from me…

So I am linking up with #TenThings over at A Cornish Mum’s fab blog.

Ten things I have liked and loved about this month…in no particular order as my brain is rather jumbled…are:

1. Creme Eggs.
These are back in the shops and literally throw themselves at me as I walk past them… Next week I am due to be involved in a charity ‘Creme Egg-off’. As many as we can eat in 10 minutes. Taking place at my work. God Help Me.


2. My little-ish Swimmer.
My eldest soon-to-be six year old finally cracked it in the swimming pool yesterday. She has struggled to learn and hated lessons. She would cry while I looked on helplessly from behind the barrier wrestling a smaller child. So we swim as a family and each time do our best to teach her. Yesterday she swam 6ft, front crawl, with face down and goggles on. I shed a tear while she nearly choked when she forgot to try and breathe!

3. January TV.
Hubby and I have LOVED this month’s TV viewing. Endeavour has been brilliant, War and Peace terribly dashing (I love a man in uniform, on a horse, brandishing something sharp), Call the Midwife reliably tear-jerking and Deutschland 83…well this is more my hubby’s sort of thing but it gives me the chance to check my social media…

Image courtesy of Digital Spy

4. Internet Radio.
I have been partly kept going this month by listening exclusively to 70’s disco radio stations. Genius. At any point of the day I can turn it on and within 10 minutes be able to hear most of the Jackson 5 back catalogue. Perfect. I listen on a Roberts Stream 83i. Really great sound.

5. The Blogging Community.
I am still merely a baby when it comes to this blogging malarky. But the kindness and support shown by EVERYONE so far has been amazing. My blog is very much a work-in-progress but Thank You to everyone who has commented on, liked, followed, shared and tweeted anything I have written and posted. ❤❤❤

6. The Playstation 4.
This was purchased early January. The playing of said Playstation not by me has allowed me the chance to spend time on my blogging without hearing a whinge..

7. Tea.
PG Tips. Always by my side. My constant companion. I luffs you 🍵

8. Our Center Parcs Holiday.
A fantastic time had by all when we spent the first days of January at Elvedon Forest. A rare treat and my girls don’t stop talking about it.

9. My job.
It keeps me sane and this month we have had some real belly laughs about so much random shit. I am lucky to have some good friends in my team and we are all going through various personal challenges. We are trying our best to laugh through it.

10. My Spiraliser.
I have been spiralizing the shit out of my life….oh wait. No I haven’t, I was forced to take it back! Please see my previous post Things I start but can’t damn well finish!

10.5. The Wolf Whistle.
This happened today. I clearly looked amazing but was NOT wearing my staff badge. A group of spotty construction students were avin’ a faaaaaag. I floated past in all my gorgeousness. They wolf-whistled. It was a magic moment only ruined by the fact that I could have birthed them in my twenties, and had an overwhelming urge to dress them appropriately, give them a good meal, burp them and put them to bed at 7pm…

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Thanks for reading and do be sure to head over to A Cornish Mum’s fab blog!


A Cornish Mum

3 thoughts on “#TenThings I have liked and loved – January 2016

  1. Ha that last one gave me a giggle, I hate walking by when there is a group of workmen they seem to egg each other on…. but then it’s strangely disappointing if they don’t whistle 😉
    As for creme eggs eek I feel a bit queasy after two! Sounds like a great month and thank you for joining in I love it when people do the liked and loved option 🙂
    Stevie xx #TenThings

  2. Ahh lovely list! How did the creme egg challenge go? Love that L is doing so well with swimming – that’s amazing! We also have a spiraliser and we have used it all of once!!!

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