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My Lent Challenge


I posted on facebook and Instagram about the charity creme-egg challenge I took part in at work recently.

As a company we are all trying to raise money for a charity in Kenya. You can read about it here.

I ate 7 creme eggs in 10 minutes, and came 3rd in the competition. At the time I swore I NEVER wanted another creme-egg again.

Now I have been sponsored 50p a day to give up chocolate for Lent by a colleague. And guess’s week 1 and ALL I have thought about is eating creme-bloody-eggs!!

The longest I have ever lasted giving up chocolate was 3 weeks. So I will give this a good shot but it will be a fairly traumatic few weeks 6 to be precise in the Hopes, Dreams and Chocolate Household.

To try and motivate myself, on Day 1 of Lent I took some of my current body ‘stats’ which was a delight horrific.

Day 1
Time: 8am
Weight: 12st 2lbs
BMI: 27
Body Fat Percentage: 35%
Water Percentage: 46.6% (aiming for 50)

Giving up chocolate for a period of time has come at a good time for me. I am having tests this week for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and associated Insulin Resistance, along with a cholesterol check.

Although I am not the largest person in the world, I am very overweight for my height and frame, and my body has been telling me so for some time. My knees ache, my back hurts, my skin is bad and apparently I now snore at night.

I carry all my weight around my middle and my face. I didn’t use to have this shape. Before we started trying for our first child, I had a waist and only one chin. As soon as I came off the pill, my skin broke out and my shape started changing. My waist was hidden to fat but I lost shape in my bum. My face ballooned.

We struggled to concieve and I had inconclusive tests at the time for PCOS although I had so many of the physical symptoms. We were prescribed chlomid and I fell pregnant on the first cycle. After that both the doctors and I were not too interested whether I had PCOS or not. Life was too busy, and when we had a second child with no difficulty I thought it was now unlikely I suffered with it.

But my shape continued to change and I was unable to lose any weight. It just kept creeping up very slowly. And after the pregnancy hormones left my body, my skin returned to being terrible.

And watching my wonderful husband lose 3 stone in the last year, whilst I have struggled to lose even a pound, made me want to re-evaluate my physical situation. I am not happy with my health as I approach 40. My mind feels 30 but my body feels 50.

I recently had to have an internal gynaecological scan, and the consultant asked me if I had PCOS because my ovaries were polycystic. I said no, but I have decided to push for more testing.

If I do have PCOS and insulin resistance this could explain a lot of my cravings, my difficulty losing weight, my extreme fatigue and also could be affecting my mental health.

Image courtesy of

The diagram above describes almost all of my current physical symptoms.

So if I can lose a little bit of weight by giving up chocolate for a bit, I am hoping to see some of my symptoms reduce, especially my poorly skin and my aching knees.

I am going to do a weekly update of how I have been managing and any weight loss or change in physical symptoms I might see. I also have the results of my blood tests to hear about.

I just want to get to the bottom of why I feel so pants a lot of the time!

Please get in touch if you have experienced anything similar or have PCOS. Any advice is gratefully received!

Kathy xxx

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