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My Fave Five – February

I am back linking up with Suburban Mum’s linky, Our Favourite 5, for February.

I thought about choosing lots of lovely things that happened, including my biggest girl turning 6. BIG news obvs, but I am writing a separate post about that.

So following on from my Top Five Dashing Heroes from January, I am posting about my Top Five Favourite Movie Soundtracks.

‘Why the bloody hell?’ You might ask…

Well, I read an article this week about cassette tapes making a come back. There are some artists recording their work onto tape. This follows on from the gradual increase in vinyl sales over the last few years. And this made me dig out my collection..

I have kept a lot of my tapes from my ‘yoof’ because I want my girls to see some of my mix tapes and some of the music I listened to when younger. I have a tape player and we occasionally put them on for a giggle.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the technology available today to play music and put together playlists. I love how accessible it can be; I can listen to my collection on my phone, IPOD, laptop, tablet etc. I can hook my phone up to my car radio. I love the fact that if we are going on a long drive, I can ask the hubby or the girls what they fancy listening to and just put it on with a couple of clicks. No rummaging around for CDs or tapes. One of our favourite things to do when on a long drive is to play the Grease soundtrack, and we will all have a boogie in our seats. And of course we all do the arm movements for Grease Lightening.

But I feel nostalgia for the cassette tape days. The days when you would record a chart show,  and make mix tapes for friends at school and decorate the cases, and the album cover artwork around was great. Pulling the sleeves out and looking through them was part of the experience and excitement of buying music.

I miss this about CDs too. I used to love going to HMV and buying CDs on their multi-buy deals and then coming back home and swapping them with friends so we could all record them.

But forgive me, I am rambling! My Top Five movie soundtracks (some of which I have on tape) are…

  1. Dirty Dancing. It just has to be. Without question. There can be no other.
  2. More Dirty Dancing. The second album has arguably the better songs on it. Including ‘that’ song when they are dancing in his bedroom.. *sigh*
  3. Pretty Woman. I have this on tape. It helps, of course, that I LOVE  the film.
  4. Grease. I have been trying to teach my girls the Hand Jive since they could both walk. We are slowly getting there. I am also currently trying very hard to persuade ‘him indoors’ that we should have a 60’s theme High School Prom party for our joint 40th birthdays in a couple of years. Yes, I want to wear a big skirt with a net petticoat underneath and dance to ‘Hound Dog’ with a large group of friends.. *dreams*
  5. This was very was a choice between Cocktail or Saturday Night Fever. Saturday Night Fever wins though..mainly because I think Tom Cruise has gone a bit bonkers. Both great soundtracks, but Saturday Night Fever is just brilliant. So many Beegees songs, brilliant disco tracks. I do love a good dance around the house to this. When I am on my own clearly…


So what are your favourite movie soundtracks? And do you still have any tapes? 

Thanks for reading xxx



3 thoughts on “My Fave Five – February

  1. hehehehe great list and I already knew that Dirty Dancing would be on the top of your list! Grease and Saturday Night Fever is definitely up there for me but I would also have to have The Young Guns II on my list too.

    Thank you so much for linking up to #OurFaveFive and I hope to see you back for March’s! xx

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