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My Lent Challenge – Week 3 Roundup


End of week 3…and… *drum roll*

I lost 3 pounds! (and NOT down the back of the sofa). Weight was 12 stone on Wednesday morning. Last week I weighed 12 stone 3lbs.

Thank goodness for that.

And the other big change this week is that I am thinking less and less about chocolate, and donuts, and cake, and biscuits…and…oh dear.

No, really, I don’t know when this stopped but I have realised that I am not craving it at work anymore. Sitting at my desk at work is when I get my worst thoughts about bingeing on bad food. Another weak time for me is post-school run when we all collapse through the front door in a heap of coats, book bags, lunchboxes and muddy shoes. All I want to do then is drown in a vat of tea and jump into a ball-pool of smarties.

This week I haven’t felt quite as bad as that. Yes, I have needed my tea, but I have been able to cope with a fruit snack. We are also cooking and eating dinner much earlier.

So three weeks without chocolate is the longest I have gone without chocolate since a young child.

I am now in unchartered territory….

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5 thoughts on “My Lent Challenge – Week 3 Roundup

  1. Wow, 3 weeks you are doing so well. And congrats on loosing the pounds. I guess as long as you can have your tea, you can forgo the sweet snack and have something more full-filling. You are half way through lent, so really well done!
    Amanda. #KCACOLS

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