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My Favourite Five – April

Thinking about my Favourite Five things from April, to join up with Suburban Mum’s fab linky, was tough this month. Usually I pick a theme select my top five of that e.g. My Top Five Dashing Heroes

But this month I am going for family randomness. So without further ado…….

Our Devon Holiday

We had a fantastic break away during the second week of Easter. We went to North Devon, staying at Corffe Hill Cottages, located just outside Barnstaple in the lovely village of Tawstock. We stayed with friends and we had a really fun time. The weather tried hard to defeat us, but we didn’t let it get us down. It was really nice to enjoy The Simple Things. We visited Ilfracombe, Lynton & Lynmouth, The Big Sheep themed farm, The Lynton & Barnstaple steam railway and many other places. I particularly enjoyed drinking A LOT of Rioja and eating Belgium Seashell chocolates..guilt free ‘cos I was on holiday don’t cha know?!

Reminiscing about lovely Ilfracombe last week

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My daughter’s 4th birthday

My little scruff turned 4 in April, on the same day we also received confirmation of her school place for September. A big day! We went to Smith & Western in Chichester for a birthday dinner on the day (which was a sucky Monday..booooo) and then the following weekend we had a little party for her at home. She was a happy girl. And Mummy was happy too after sinking lots of beer to get her through the party!

4 years old today 😍😍 #birthdaygirl #birthday #kidsofinstagram

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Now, Prince passing away was not actually my favourite thing – that would just be wrong. However, I must pay tribute to the musical genius that he was. I spent a lot of the back end of April listening to his track history. So in the spirit of this linky, my favourite five Prince songs are: When Doves Cry, 7, U got the Look, Let’s go Crazy and Little Red Corvette.

😢😢😢😢 Rest in Peace Prince

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My Brother

My fabulous brother lives in Edinburgh. A wonderful city. But we don’t see him very much. He is very good at flying down to visit and puts our reciprocal efforts to shame. He usually stays at my parents; they have a loads more room than us. He and his partner came down right at the end of April (just squeezed into April by one day!). My girls ADORE their Uncles, as do I. They can make us all laugh like no-one else can. They took the girls to see The Jungle Book film currently at the cinema, and my brother cooked his best ‘Cheesy Pasta’ for them, which they always look forward to and constantly remind me I can never match! We had less than 48 hours with them both, but it was wonderful (sorry, a bit gushing but I do miss my bro). Seeing him is like taking a tonic to perk you up.

Uncle Time! ❤ #family #love #maybankholiday #kidsofinstagram

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The Queen’s Birthday (sorry Republicans)

Now, I very much love the Royal Family. To me, they provide a stability much needed in Britain at the moment. I just think they are jolly nice people. I know my view may offend people but hey ho. So I waved a little patriotic flag on her birthday. I think she is an amazingly strong woman and is doing so so well for 90. I thought the family photos released were beautiful. In some ways, I am very nervous for the time when she is no longer with us. I think it will be a very very sad day.

Happy Birthday to the Queen. I thought this #TBT pic was rather apt – my little scruff watching the 2012 Olympics ❤👑🎂

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8 thoughts on “My Favourite Five – April

  1. I’m with you on the Royals! They do no harm and seem nice enough to me. All these amazing 90 year-olds are also giving me hope… I watched a bit of the David Attenborough special on the BBC last night and he’s more with it than me!

    1. Ahhh I love David Attenborough. I saw a really funny facebook post the other day about people wanting to find him and keep him safe in a padded room, I think it was after Ronnie and Victoria passed away. Bless him xx Thanks for reading chick xx

  2. Sounds like a fab month with a holiday to Devon, not been to the place yet but it’s interesting to go in the future. My little girl celebrated her 3rd birthday the month of April too, it was also a simple celebration exclusive for the family. Lovely photos especially the ones with Uncle time! #OurFaveFive

  3. Ooh, busy month! I’m glad you had a lovely relaxing time in Devon – we do try to please 😉 It sounds like you had a great couple of days with your brother. What a shame they live so far away. I expect it makes those snatched weekends even more special though. Yes, Prince passing away was a bit sucky. I hate turning on the radio at the moment. I don’t want to hear about any more icons of my youth passing away 🙁 On a more positive note, ‘hoorah’ for the Queen’s birthday – I too am a bit of a royalist 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading Claire! Another royalist yay! *waves flag*. We are having a street party for her other birthday in June (not organised by me I might add…I will just be drinking!) xxx

  4. I have been rubbish at commenting on my own linky – how bad is that! I am wishing we were back in Devon at that cottage at the moment. We MUST find somewhere to go for next year!

    Thank you for linking up to #OurFaveFive – same time again for May?

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