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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

So tomorrow is a big day for the United Kingdom.

I don’t think I am really the right person to be talking about politics, as I don’t really understand the ins and outs of it. All I know is that it frustrates me, but equally I don’t have the answers.

I am writing this post just to get down on paper the worries and thoughts going around my head about this important event.

Firstly I feel strongly that we shouldn’t be voting to make this decision; the decision over whether to Leave or Remain in the EU with a basic Yes or No. I don’t think we as a population have the right information to be making an informed decision. There are too many unknowns. I am not sure the right information even exists. The issue is just not as black and white as the question we have to answer.

But we have to choose Yay or Nay, or not vote at all. And it is a great responsibility.

I am a team player. In work and also at home. Or I certainly try my best to be. You see, I think that it is best to work together, rather than apart. And if things aren’t working well together, solutions must try to be found to sort that out, so that working

To split apart from a Union doesn’t sit right with me. I know things aren’t perfect, and there are issues to resolve, but to walk away because of them, instead of trying to work together to resolve them, I don’t think is a positive move.

A friend said to me… It’s better the Devil you know, and this phrase sums up how I feel about the EU Referendum.

If we leave the Union, my own personal worries include the following..

Will both my husband’s job, and my own, be at risk? Although we work in very different industries, our companies have strong links with Europe and will be affected by any negative economic consequences of leaving. We might lose our jobs, which then means we can’t pay the bills, which then risks the roof over our daughters’ heads.

Will leaving provide the opportunity for Extremism to grow and thrive. Over this particular vote/issue there seems to be less tolerance and respect for each other’s way of thinking.

Will my friends’ livelihoods be okay? Many of my friend’s are self employed and they say that business is good and stable at the moment. They are nervous for a break in the Union as they are worried they will lose contracts. Things aren’t perfect at the moment, but at least they know where they stand and can pay their mortgage etc.

How will the decision shape our children’s future? No one knows this, but I instinctively feel that breaking from the Union may provide less opportunity for them in various aspects of life.

How will leaving the Union affect our friends on the continent? This decision may well affect their lives too. Maybe I shouldn’t be concerned about this, but I can’t help it.

I genuinely don’t think leaving the Union is going to magically make anything better. A lot of the grumbles over the way things are today could be changed by our Government, whether we are part of Europe or not, but haven’t been. Breaking from the Union is no guarantee that good decisions will be made by existing or future UK Governments. And I don’t think it will solve corruption within Government, any Government.

People could argue that the worries I have could be applied to our current situation if we remain in the EU. Maybe. Who knows.. All I know is that a possible break from Europe is making me feel nervous and anxious. It doesn’t feel like the right thing to do..the GOOD thing to do.

I don’t think the Grass will be Greener. I think the Grass will remain the same colour, but it’s texture will change. It’s texture will be course, and the smell not so sweet.

I wish that our natural instinct to change things for the better is to work together, rather than move apart.

I don’t want the UK to be the neighbour who doesn’t talk to anyone and grows a massive leylandii bush on their boundary. I want us to be the neighbours that are part of a community, who attend the street parties and takes in parcels for ‘them at number 85’.. If you catch my drift…!?

I am not going to lie..I don’t like change, and I am sure this will be affecting my thoughts and decisions about the referendum.

Good Luck with voting tomorrow peeps, and thanks for reading.

I am off to have a cup of tea…all the serious talk is giving me a headache!

6 thoughts on “Should I Stay or Should I Go?

  1. I don’t really do politics but also share your fears with the added thinking that there have been so many lies spun, even if you have tried to be informed – you just don’t know what to believe !! Also I really dislike all the negative immigration rubbish !
    My concern is more what the likes of Johnson and Gove would do to this country if we leave – they are the ones that have damaged education and the NHS after all. Most of all I am worried that the last big vote was awful – waking up the morning my daughter was born to the “condemned” headlines was bad 6years ago and I could wake up on my birthday to the news we are exiting the EU leaving people i have not voted for in full charge of this country – where will I retire to (if I ever get to retire) if I don’t have the right to move to the sunshine having worked for decades to do that !

    1. Thanks for reading Ness and having similar worries and frustrations. However clearly the BIG issue of the week is your birthday, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Xx enjoy!! ❤❤❤

      1. Thanks Kathy – but what a rubbish start to the day it will be when the votes have been counted and it’s bad news

    1. Thank you for reading Mark. I truly respect everyone’s views. Your post is great. Very interesting. And in a way it backs up my concerns about this vote. I don’t feel I have the right information to make an informed decision. I don’t feel I have the skills to find out the right information to help me make an informed decision. It is a toughie indeed. Love to you all xxx

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