Thaikhun Restaurant Review

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I have seen Thaikhun popping up on my social media feeds for a few months now, and had heard great things about it and it’s unique Thai street food inspired menu.

Recently I was invited by Lisa over at to join a group of parent bloggers for a meal at Thaikhun Guildford restaurant, but I was unable to make it. I was gutted about this, so I was chuffed to be invited by Maria over at to try out Thaikhun’s revamped children’s menu. My girls haven’t been to a Thai restaurant before so I really hoped they would enjoy the experience.


Maria and her family had been staying with us for the weekend and we spent much of Sunday up on a hill flying a kite! It was very windy and the kids were whacked! So some Thai food was a great way to end the weekend and fill some young hungry tummies!

Thaikhun in Guildford is located on Friary Street, where many popular restaurants are situated, so it is in the the perfect location for the foodies amongst you. It is also a short walk from the Friary shopping centre where there is plentiful parking.

We were welcomed in to the restaurant and I was really impressed with the look and feel of the venue and it’s sociable vibe. The decor of the place was very well done and authentic. Thaikhun (pronounced ‘Tycoon’) are trying to recreate the look and feel of a Thai food street and I think they have succeeded; my 6 year old said to me ‘It looks like an outdoor market, Mummy!’

We took our seats, the waitress was very attentive and we quickly had drinks on order. The children were given drawing sheets and colouring pencils to keep them happy, and us adults settled down to look at the menu.

What I liked about the menu was that the children’s selection was listed on the main menu rather than separated. So many times we have been in a restaurant where the options are located on the back of a colouring sheet and we have a fight to obtain said menu from the girls (if a drink hasn’t already been spilt all over it!) At Thaikhun, we were able to decide on the food while the children were otherwise occupied.

Colouring fun
Colouring fun

My girls are quite different when it comes to eating. My 6 year old likes to try different foods and tastes and likes mixing ingrediants together. My 4 year old likes plain food which is kept separate on the plate. To be honest, I was quite nervous taking her to a Asian influence restaurant, as I wasn’t sure if we would find something she would eat. I needn’t have worried though. I asked the waitress beforehand how the children’s food comes, and she explained that the food is separated and you can either mix all together to create a tasty dish, or keep the elements separate. This was great, as it offered flexibility for both my girls.

With the children’s menu you choose a rice or noodle option, then a meat or vegetable option, and finally a sauce. You can then combine these foods to create a yummy dish. All of the dishes also come with a vegetable snack pot of cucumber, carrot and pepper. The price also includes a drink and an ice-lolly dessert. I think the menu options were a really good starting point for introducing children to Thai flavours, especially the sauce options; No Nuts Satay, Sweet BBQ and Green Curry.

My eldest chose noodles, with chicken pieces and barbecue sauce. My youngest chose the same but with jasmine rice instead of noodles.

The drinks for the girls came out really quickly and I think I have found quite possibly the BEST children’s cup for a restaurant EVER. It was plastic (non-breakable) with a lid (non-spill) and a straw (excites the girls). It’s amazing how having a child-safe cup meant I could relax into my meal SO MUCH BETTER instead of worrying about half a pint of lemonade drowning the table…..!



For starters we had prawn crackers to nibble on, and I ordered Moo Dad Deow (deep friend pork strips marinated with palm sugar, coriander, pepper and soy sauce) which came with a chilli dipping sauce. The dish was delicious and was a VERY generous portion.

It was also a good dish to share so my girls were able to try some as well. Everyone else’s starters looked so tasty and there were lots of contented noises around the table.

The girls food came out before the adults; always a good thing I think. And another restaurant first for us; the BEST children’s plate EVER. Plastic, with big sections, plastic cutlery in the middle, and a holder for the veggie snack pot. It was great, so practical. The food all looked well-cooked and the portion sizes were perfect, in my opinion.

For my meal I chose Nua Phad Kra Prao ( beef stir fry with chilli and thai basil) with Sen Jun Luak (rice noodles with soy sauce, bean sprouts and garlic). The flavours were amazing; it really was very tasty. I was very impressed. The dishes were freshly cooked and really nicely presented.

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Nua Phad Kra Prao Stir Fry with Sen Jun Luak Noodles @ Thaikhun Guildford

Unfortunately on the day we visited, they had run out of the ice-lollies that came with the children’s meal package. The girls were offered raspberry ripple ice-cream in a bowl instead. This kept them happy, although we had already mentioned they would be getting an ice-lolly so they were a little disappointed. My eldest can read menu’s now so I can’t even blame it on a parenting fail!

For my dessert, I chose the Thai Bounty (chocolate fondant with coconut ice-cream) which was delicious and beautifully presented.

Because I had work the next day I didn’t have a good try of the famous cocktail menu. I did, however, manage a sneaky Phi Phi Bellini (mango vodka, passion fruit puree and prosecco) which hit the spot nicely for a Sunday evening!

Throughout the meal the waiters and waitresses were attentive and friendly throughout and nothing was too much trouble. The vibe was relaxed and family-friendly. We will definitely go again; there was so much on the menu I wanted to try!

Thank you Thaikhun for having us – we will be back soon. And hopefully I will be able to sample more of the cocktails next time!

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Thank you Thaikhun!

Please check out Thaikhun on Instagram and Twitter for more temptation!

*My family and I were invited by Thaikhun for a meal in exchange for our honest review of their food and service*




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