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Dressing My Chest!

For those of you reading this hoping for an interesting article on up-cycling your sideboard, you may be disappointed. Something that has been getting on my t**ts for sometime now is how difficult it is finding clothes to fit me properly in the erm..upper regions of my body. Some people say I should be lucky… Continue reading Dressing My Chest!

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An afternoon at Uppark

There is so much to see and do where we live in West Sussex; sometimes there is too much to choose from! However, the National Trust property of Uppark has been on my hit list for ages. I have a fondness for National Trust properties; I was brought up visiting them after my parents splashed out on joint… Continue reading An afternoon at Uppark

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A weekend in Edinburgh

My brother has made his home in Edinburgh. He went to University there and stayed. I don’t blame him. It is one of my FAVOURITE cities. So much history, so much to do and it’s a looker as well in my opinion. And also the people are, in my experience, VERY friendly. I was also… Continue reading A weekend in Edinburgh

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

So tomorrow is a big day for the United Kingdom. I don’t think I am really the right person to be talking about politics, as I don’t really understand the ins and outs of it. All I know is that it frustrates me, but equally I don’t have the answers. I am writing this post… Continue reading Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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Man-flu – a tragic tale

A terrible thing has happened this week in the Hopes, Dreams and Chocolate household. Mum has contracted man-flu. Not a bad cold, but proper, full-blown man-flu. Now before you all rush to the house with casseroles and medicine and flowers, do not fear, as Mum is being looked after by Mr HDC. Or rather, Mr… Continue reading Man-flu – a tragic tale

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Mother Bear and her cubs

I posted a couple of months ago about my struggles with my natural mothering instincts: A Mother’s Love In the post I described feeling a bit like a Mother Bear. This week I had another Mother Bear moment. Let me explain… I am a bit of a weakling when it comes to confrontation and sticking up for… Continue reading Mother Bear and her cubs

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My Favourite Five – April

Thinking about my Favourite Five things from April, to join up with Suburban Mum’s fab linky, was tough this month. Usually I pick a theme select my top five of that e.g. My Top Five Dashing Heroes But this month I am going for family randomness. So without further ado……. Our Devon Holiday We had a fantastic break… Continue reading My Favourite Five – April

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The shape of my fear

It is my understanding that very often people with depression, low mood, anxiety or all of the above, can visualise what it looks like to them. A black dog, a dark cloud, a constant shadow.. For me, the ‘shape’ that I dread making an appearance varies. Sometimes it is a huge blanket which smothers me… Continue reading The shape of my fear

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When Doves Cry…

*Warning: Slightly emotional post alert. Suggest making a brew before reading..* I have so many posts to get finished, and I am sitting here tonight writing about something completely unplanned. I am writing about the loss of another Legend, which has hit me hard in a way I did not expect. No one can deny… Continue reading When Doves Cry…

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My Long Liebster Award!

  I was very touched to be nominated by three fab bloggers for the Liebster Award. I am so very grateful for these tags, and feel so supported by the blogging community as I stumble along finding my feet as a new blogger. My first tag was from the lovely Breakfast Club Mum. As a fellow working… Continue reading My Long Liebster Award!